Named after its designer and inspired by her stylistic identity infused with a travelling soul, Maria De La Orden proposes carefully curated collections of authentic and refined garments. Mixing a delicate sensitivity with a twist of boyishness inspired by British tailoring, the looks are playfully composed : like puzzles, they assemble complementary elements into a simple harmony that feels both timeless and modern.

Thanks to her journeys, Maria discovered in each country local craftsmen and women with their specific know-how and expertise : every piece of clothing is made by a selection of renowned and consicous factories throughout the world . Moreover, the use of raw materials and original patterns brings a sceal of uniqueness and a lasting quality.

Asserting a strong and yet subtle style, Maria De La Orden aims at creating each season a new fashionable adventure through memories and aesthetics that will appeal to all women’s taste for freedom.


It’s more about transparency and know how rather than the made where.

The modernity and expertise of the ateliers are essential elements in our choices, in order to guarantee the very best working conditions for employees and quality for our products.

More than 2/3 of our products are made in Europe.
In Spain, we have 2 ateliers that are experts in creating our shapes and produce our shirts, pants, kaftans, jackets etc.
In Portugal, the factory is specialized in leather shoes.
The rest is made all over the world: Our kurtas and the blockprinted dresses comes from India.
In Perou, we discovered our beautiful hats.
The rafia sandals and baskets come from Morocco, experts in raphia braiding.
All the cashmere sweaters come from inner Mongolia, THE cashmere experts.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information.

Mau Loa